Monsieur Job’s “Melancholic Happy” ft. Clindistino Brings Refreshing Mix of Passionate Electronic-Infused Latin Rhythms to the Airwaves

The Latest Track Off Their 2018 Album “BASS PA$$I” Packs Sun-Drenched Island Vibes That Are Sure to Make Any Dance Floor Come Alive


As they head into this new year, one of today’s hottest Pop/Latino/Underground groups around is continuing to turn up the heat on 2019! Off the album “BASS PA$$I”, Monsieur Job’s latest “La Melancholic Happy” feat. Clindistino combines hypnotically entrancing beats with grooving dancehall that has already gotten fans on their feet and ready for more! Check out the video via Musik Radio Promotions and Basswalk Latino:

WATCH: Monsieur Job Feat. Clindistino – La Melancolic Happy (Official Video)

With the success of singles like “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow”, “Niña Shake Your Body”, Kick It”, and “Chilliando Hangueando” tearing up charts across the globe in the last year – “Pica Pica” also charted at #1 on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 10 and at #1 on the Euro Indie Music Chart! As “La Melancholic Happy” continues its rise, it further solidifies the overall success of “BASS PA$$I” with fans worldwide clamoring for more of Monsieur Job’s unique music flavor.

Toby Holguin dreams music, lives music and gives music life. It was Toby’s vision to create Monsieur Job, a band that will rock you make you move your feet. A band that will make you cry with passion. Formed by Toby Holguin from Cali, Colombia, a beautiful place high in the mountains above the clouds . Toby then asked Stan Kolev from Sofia, Bulgaria, Charlie Illera from Barranquilla, Colombia, and Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia to become one musically as Monsieur Job.

All of them them live and breathe their own style of music combined they are Monsieur Job. Toby, Stan, and Charlie spin records as DJs constantly for different pools and venues around the world. Moreover, Toby had the idea to start doing Urban Music besides Chill Out and Electronic Music, which is the vision that created the album “Bass Passi”. They started dropping broken beats with a more festive, shaky, groovy Caribbean latin flavor turning it into an international exclusive mash up of world talents and a unique blend of genres.

For their debut release of “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow”, the record has hit the Euro Indie Music Chart at #1 for 9 consecutive weeks, the Digital Radio Tracker Top 10, and the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Top 100 Songs for their single. “Niña Shake Your Body” also charted on the Billboard Hot 100, while their album “Bass Passi” hit the Top 200 for Best Albums as well as #2 on the Billboard Latin Albums chart.

Bass Passi” was recorded in Bogota and Miami at Basswalk Studios, Outta Limits Studios in Miami, and Barba Studios in Belgrade and mastered at Sterling Studios, New York.

Now as “La Melancholic Happyfeat. Clindistino continues to light up 2019, it certainly seems to signal much more to come from Monsieur Job!

Purchase: Monsieur Job “BASS PA$$I 1” Feat. “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow” via iTunes

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Young Pop Singer-Songwriter Penelope Robin Brings the Power of Her Imagination to Life with Latest Single & Video “Some Girls”

At the Age of Only 11 Yrs Old, the Fresh Faced Pop Star’s Incredible Voice and Writing Talents Shine Way Beyond Her Years


In the age of iPhones, social media and ever-growing technology it can be easy to forget the immense power of a young child’s own imagination. But building a magical world of her own creation doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for singer/songwriter Penelope Robin, who’s lyrics bring these feelings to light in her latest single and music video “Some Girls”.

WATCH: Penelope Robin “Some Girls” Official Video

In the powerful piano-driven ballad, Robin’s passionate lyrics show the true power of a child’s innocence coupled with their creative spirit. She sings “I do it all in my imagination // I’ve got a castle in the clouds, and the prince will save me somehow // but it’s all in my imagination” with a bold confidence that can often make listeners forget how young she truly is. But she’s able to pull it back to her wonder of it all in a testament to her youthful creativity – “Somebody told me there’s a big world out there and I’m ready to show it, I already know you could still make something from nothing, just close your eyes”.


WATCH: Penelope Robin – Enamorada (Official Video)

WATCH: Penelope Robin – You’re Mine (Official Video)

WATCH: Penelope Robin & Shaira – Sigo Soñando (Official Video)

Straight from Miami, FL – Penelope Robin began acting at age 5 and since then has developed a true passion for the arts. Most recently she stole the hearts of young Colombian fans when was invited to share the stage with acclaimed Colombian singer Karol G, as well as Puerto Rican singers Yandel, and Cosculluela during the CEG Festival 2017 that took place in Colombia. Penelope’s single’s such as “Little Bitty Heart”, “Lollipops”, and “LIT” are loved by all ages with her most recent single “Sigo Soñando” hitting over 4 million views on YouTube. Currently she is recording the rest of her album which will be released in 2019.

Penelope began acting via comedy skits for the Miami sketch comedy show “The Mr. Melvin Show” and then appeared in various music and art videos. In 2014 she was a part of legendary club dance DJ Tony Moran’s video “Take It All the Way” and later that year she appeared in Scope during Art Basel Miami as “Penny” – a video art love story between a girl and an owl directed by local Miami celebrity Milcho. She’s also been featured as one of the hosts of “Beat on the Street” YouTube videos for the homeschooling software Time4Learning. In 2016 she was cast as one of the faces of Karisma Resorts International Nickelodeon Experience. In 2017 she performed in the Miami Youth Fair and the Locales Festival alongside artists like Fat Joe, Alexis, and Fido and was selected as one of the winners of the Phil Collins Little Dreams Foundation.

With such amazing talent it’s no surprise she comes from an artistic family. Her mother is a producer and director who has worked with artists from Little Mix to Nile Rodgers, Kathy Sledge and Martha Wash while her father is Grammy Nominated multi-platinum producer and songwriter C-Rod (Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, Paulina Rubio, Jennifer Lopez) with whom she writes all of her music.

Now, with the release of “Some Girls” – Penelope Robin is set to kick off 2019 with a bang as she gets ready to release her debut album and continues to write and perform!

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Vaeda Black To Perform at National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2019 on Saturday, January 26th

With Her New Single and Video “Suicide Love” Out Now, She’ll Get Ready to Head to the West Coast to Perform at The World’s Largest Event For The Music Products, Pro Audio and Event Tech Industry


Following her latest video release “Suicide Love” being hailed as “…thought-provoking and provocative” (The Daily Listening) and a “captivating vocal performance” (Wonky Sensitive) and much more – Singer/Songwriter Vaeda Black is getting ready to pack her bags and head West for a performance at the 2019 NAMM Show on Saturday, January 26th at 4:00PM on the NAMM Pioneer Pro Audio Arena Plaza Stage!

On her excitement for the show, Black says “I’m looking forward to performing in front of a crowd of complete strangers! I love getting feedback from new listeners”. Along with this being her first trip to California, she’s grateful to her bandmates for pushing her to continually get her music out there. “My music director/pianist James works in the industry and got me to apply for the spot. I’m so grateful for everything he and my band do for me. The guys are all psyched to be at NAMM” she says with a laugh “Everyone should come with an open mind and expect a ton of rhythmic flailing on my part (if you don’t understand what I mean by that, you probably haven’t seen me perform. Let’s just say I can’t dance)”.

The performance will feature Black on vocals along with her band which includes James Sajeva (Music Director/Keys), Eddie Matthews (Bass), and Andrew Harts (Drums) – all seasoned pros straight from the NYC music scene.

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Click HERE to watch Vaeda Black’s “Suicide Love” (Official Music Video)

With the release of her latest single, “Suicide Love,” Vaeda Black takes the juxtaposition of two seemingly opposite topics and weaves them together to create a dark love story that illustrates the idea of being vulnerable and “showing yourself to another person and letting them love you.”

She says, “It actually started with a text message from my ex-boyfriend while we were together probably about a year ago. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but he wrote ‘that’s called suicide, love.’ Something about those two words next to each other really struck me; they’re so different. I kept thinking it would be such an interesting way to express love, passion and deep wanting, so I wrote a song around it.” The combination of those two distinct feelings gives the song a truly unique sound and style. 

Despite the title, and it’s darker atmosphere, Black says “it’s really a love song. Being vulnerable is hard for a lot of people, but I want this song to represent the good things that come from showing yourself to another person and letting them love you.” In an age where many artists stick to upbeat, pop love tunes, Black isn’t afraid to shake up stereotypes and create a sound distinctly her own, something “Suicide Love” showcases perfectly. With her blend of indie, alternative, and a little soul, listening to her songs comes as a refreshing break from some of the more mainstream styles. 

More on Vaeda Black:

Raised in Long Island, NY, Vaeda Black is a 17 year old singer songwriter currently in her senior year of high school. A masterful songwriter, Vaeda is able to tap into a profound and sometimes dark place and it’s certainly reflective in her music both lyrically, sonically and now visually. Live performances with her band display her ability to connect with audiences, a skill she’s developed from many years on the stage, having performed in musical theater productions starting at only 7yrs old. She started putting words to paper not long after, and eventually began turning poetry into songs at the piano in her family home.

With her upcoming performance at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show 2019 on Saturday, January 26th at 4:00PM on the NAMM Pioneer Pro Audio Arena Plaza stage in Anaheim, California, music industry pioneers and fans alike will get a chance to catch the one and only Vaeda Black LIVE!

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Actor and Model Christian Riccardi Making Netflix Debut in TWO Upcoming 2019 Roles

From His High School Dreams to Big Screen Realities – The Young Star Gets Ready to Shine


For many young men and women, heading to the Big Apple in pursuit of their dreams can be met with a lot more adversity that expected and become a more difficult decision to continue learning and growing without a guarantee of success. But for Model and Actor Christian Riccardi, his upcoming roles on Netflix’s Kaleidoscope” and opposite Joe Pesci in the highly anticipated Martin Scorsese film “The Irishman” are proving that hard work certainly pays off!

Christian Riccardi is a model and actor of Italian descent. Born in New Haven, CT, he moved to Fairfield, CT at a young age where he attended high school with dreams of becoming a model and actor. Soon after graduating he got a job at a local retailer, working his way up the ladder to visual merchandising manager. Later moving to New York City to work for Bloomingdale’s, he was often encouraged by both his peers and shoppers alike to pursue his dreams.

Shortly thereafter, Riccardi quit his job to attend the famed Stella Adler Studio of Acting, completing the one year conservatory while simultaneously building a modelling portfolio. He then went on to private lessons with public speaking and acting coach Jill Jaysen who continued to help him build a strong foundation.

With his sights set on further dedication to his craft, he soon began taking on roles from a young mobster opposite famed actor Joe Pesci in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film “The Irishman”  to the upcoming show “Kaleidoscope” playing a waiter – both to premiere on Netflix.

A move to Brooklyn, NY would further immerse him in one of the world’s biggest art and fashion meccas, where he would be introduced to celebrity acting coach Tracey Moore and continue to learn in pursuit of his passion. Riccardi has also continued to work as a model with some of New York’s most known and respected fashion photographers with a further goal of taking part powerful modeling campaigns. He dreams of one day modeling for one of the many elite fashion brands during the world famous NY Fashion Week.

I want to be able to help the world change the notion of modeling so it isn’t so much about selling sex as it should be about celebrating each individual’s unique beauty” Christian says, furthering “I want to show men that it is better to be different”.

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Ajay Mathur Drops New Video for Bluesy R&B Hit “Time For Deliverance”

Ajay Mathur Drops New Video for Bluesy R&B Hit “Time For Deliverance”

Off His Latest LP “Little Boat”, The Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Who Recently Won “Best Album of the Year” at the 36th Annual German Rock & Pop Awards Has Released Latest Fan Video Collaboration

Following his last release  My Wallet is a House of Cards’ off the 2018 album Little Boat”, Singer/Songwriter Ajay Mathur has debuted his latest collaborative fan video effort of 2019 – “Time For Deliverance”!

WATCH: Ajay Mathur “Time For Deliverance” Official Video

Crafted from the vibrant art and design of director/animator Mertcan Mertbilek from Istanbul (who previously worked on the video for Mathur’s “Little Boat” single), the video is a uniquely visual. Portraying animated paintings from Mathur singing to beautifully enlivened surfers riding waves, palm trees, beach and boardwalk scenes which beautifully counter the bluesy feel of the song and lyrical refrain It’s my time for deliverance no I ain’t giving up on love” with vibrant color.



“Time For Deliverance is a beautifully crafted tune. This time Mathur pulls in some R&B and jazz influences, weaving a soulful sax with backing vocals. Both play off his clear and straightforward vocals. The song fulfills the theme of Little Boat, ‘It’s time for my deliverance, I ain’t giving up on love.’ Very nicely done.” – Kath Galasso, Onstage Magazine

“Time For Deliverance is an epic jam laced with some amazingly sweet brass which puts on full display Ajay’s ability to seamlessly switch genres while staying true to his core sound.” Joshua “J.SMo” Smotherman, Mid Tennessee Music

“Time for Deliverance blends soul and R&B elements into an oozing, sticky tune smoldering with dark sensuality.” Randall Radic, Blogcritics

Little Boat, Ajay Mathur’s newest album, was launched on its maiden voyage in the usual way in spring of this year. Quickly picked up by playlists and fans, the music and the album’s message of resilience has resonated with listeners and critics alike. Unlike previous projects, though, Little Boat has taken on a life of its own, picking up unexpected passengers along the way.

Independent of each other, diverse digital artists from around the globe including from Istanbul and Warsaw as well as an Argentinean in Los Angeles, heard a call and felt compelled to add some valuable cargo to Little Boat’s journey. The result is a colourful, complex and highly-imaginative work of animated accompaniments to Ajay’s songs.

The first of these, released earlier this year, is a quirky psychedelic and vibrant tribute to the title song ‘Little Boat’, composed by the young Turkish artist Mertcan Mertbilek. The next to be released was a provocative animated video to the stomping blues rocker ‘My Wallet is a House of Cards’. The images were inspired by the rebellious spirit of the song and depict a ruthless caricature of consumption and an increasingly indebted society. This stunning video was created by Argentine artist Ciro Ayala, who lives and works in Los Angeles. More videos are in the works and will hit the waves in the coming months.

Video artists are not the only passengers that have hopped on Little Boat’s journey. Besides the digital treasures, an illustrated children’s book by a writer in Delhi, India as well as a full-length novel weaving through the themes in Little Boat by an American living in Switzerland are in the works.

It is plain to see that Little Boat has left ripples in its wake, touching people at every port along the way. Rarely does an album inspire this kind of organic response and like any true adventure on the open seas, it is impossible to tell which way the winds will blow next. This music has opened up a whole new route on unchartered waters. Batten down the hatches because this Little Boat is on course to explore new and uncharted worlds.

Having recently won “Best Album of the Year” at Germany’s 36th Annual Rock & Pop Awards 2018, it’s no wonder fans and critics alike are craving more unique collaborative works from Ajay Mathur. And with his latest video for “Time For Deliverance”, they get just that.

Little Boat, which was given its final touches at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, is available in digital formats for download and streaming, as well as physical vinyl and compact disc album formats.


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More About Ajay Mathur:

Ajay Mathur is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and a citizen of the world. Born and raised in India and residing in Switzerland, Ajay Mathur’s talent as a singer-songwriter and seasoned musician blends both pop and rock genres with Americana and traditional Indian instruments into something radically new and genre-bending. His music has held its own on the U.S. and European charts and has repeatedly received positive accolades from the press and industry professionals.

Ajay Mathur’s album Little Boat (2018) follows on his previously released and highly successful ‘9 to 3’ (2015) that earned him a Grammy nomination in 2017, ‘Come See Conquer’ (2013), and ‘A Matter of Time’ (2011). All of the albums have enjoyed excellent reviews and acknowledgements in the international media. They have maintained top chart rankings on U.S. Top 50 Rock, U.S. Top 80 Independent, U.S. Top 50 AC and Americana (AMA) airplay charts as well as a continuous 128-week ranking on the European Indie Music chart. Ajay’s music continues to attract a large and growing community of listeners worldwide. MacEagon Voyce of AXS Media calls his music “a master class on consummate songwriting”.

NYC Based Alt Rocker’s Shock Radar Drop Latest Single “There’s No Peace Here” Ahead of EP Release

Helmed By Singer/Songwriter Lee J. Diamond, The Band Returns to A More Raw, Stripped-Down Sound with Beautiful Melancholic Track That’s An Ode to Life in NYC



New York, NY (January, 2019) — 2018 was quite a big year for NY based rockers Shock Radar. After taking time off, the band released TWO albums (“Innovations” and “Roads Songs from the New Dust Bowl“) and played a handful of shows featuring new material. Now, as they kick off 2019 – the band will release their newest album- “Tritone Metaphors in Mental Health“– a return to form and return to the rock and roll of their earlier recordings–on Friday, February 1st! Prior to its release, they recently dropped its first single “There’s No Peace Here” earlier in December.


“There’s No Peace Here” is a stripped down rocker with a lyrical take on the highs and lows of life in New York City with a shout out to Anthony Bourdain who passed in 2018. There are no distorted guitars, big drum fills or psychedelic synthesizers.  This is the band in its original form with Diamond’s voice and lyrics at the forefront.


“I got so into the mindset of experimentation and the art of instrumental music that I feel I left my literary poetic side behind last year. I was stuck in a soundtrack composer setting. I began revisiting old Lou Reed records, Dylan, Neil Young.. and missed the lyrical part of my songwriting. For this new album, I removed all the wild guitar licks and synth overdubs, just took a step back and wrote songs on an acoustic guitar again. I’ve been test driving them at local acoustic showcases and that feeling of connecting to the audience lyrically came back to me. It’s rewarding in a whole different way from the music I’d been making previously.” says Diamond on the band’s new record. On connecting with his fans he says “People would come up and sing my lyrics back to me.  It’s interesting what connects and what is relevant to people today through words in a song. Last year, I wrote mostly electronic based music, and people would tell me they love the ‘rock n roll’ Shock Radar. I had to wonder if I had it in me, able to write that kind of music again. And, as easy as it all came together, I can.”



The eccentric styling of Shock Radar’s ‘Post-Rock’ songs are fresh and unique. Born and raised in New York where he worked at several record stores until attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music on scholarship, and further studying art and journalism at New School University, Lee J Diamond has climbed his way to the top, simply doing what he does best- mixing and playing all styles from around the world.

Shock Radar currently features Richard Drouin on Drums and Rob Cina on Bass. They are regarded as one of the most intense and energetic live acts of the New York music scene.


Now, as they get ready to drop their latest EP “Tritone Metaphors in Mental Health” on Friday, February 1st – fans can get a taste of what’s to come with “There’s No Peace Here” OUT NOW!


Get “There’s No Peace Here” via iTunes HERE:

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CBS & NBC TV’S “Live It Up! With Donna Drake” Wins TWO National Telly Awards For 2018 Coverage on Helping Bullied Youth

When a young “Chopped Junior” and “MasterChef Junior” contestant lost use of one of her most important cooking appliances–her oven–following the events of Hurricane Sandy, little did she know a friend and inspirational TV host would come to her aid. But that was just the case for Junior Chef AJ Espinoza when “Live It Up!” Host Donna Drake gifted the young professional a brand new oven with the help of Sub Zero Group E earlier this year. That heartwarming segment, along with Drake’s continued efforts to champion empowerment and positivity throughout the show have earned it TWO National Telly Awards for the 39th Season!

It’s hard to keep a dry-eye when watching inspiring programming that helps the less fortunate, and the award-winning segment in which the young Chef tears up explaining her hardships following the devastation of the 2012 disaster does just that. But coming to her rescue, host and friend Donna Drake explains that through her friendship with the Interior Design Society she was able to gift the young Chef with a most prized possession which she’d lost for her 14th birthday.


WATCH: “Live It Up! With Donna Drake” Telly Award-Winning Segment with Chef AJ


(Seated): Executive Producer Lou Vaccarelli – COO of Drake Media Network, Inc., Creator/Host Donna Drake – President of Drake Media Network, Inc. (Standing Left to Right): Tony Liuzzi, Tim Rerucha, Connie Vacaira, Roseanna Amador, Ken Bogardt, Caleb Larsen, Joe DeFelice, and Joe Danielle


Donna Drake is an international award-winning creative artist, writer, producer and actress. She created “Live it Up!” to share positive messages of hope that inspire and empower those who need it most.


A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Donna showcased her beauty, talent and scholastic achievement at an early age, winning the title of North County Junior Miss in 1983 – a pivotal moment in her young life. She followed her passion for art and music to the East Coast and spent most of her early career at Technisonic Studios, selecting music and sound effects for radio and television commercials. She went on to produce and host various television, film and multimedia projects, including her popular public-access show “Indies Insider” – featuring intimate discussions with film directors and actors – and the art-world podcast “After Party.” An active voice-over talent and actress with a lengthy stage and screen résumé, she became director of creative services for WLNY-TV on Long Island in 1997, creating exclusive promotions for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Jeopardy!” and other popular programs. She later served as director of client communications at the strategic marketing firm Progressive Marketing Group, where she developed client branding messages and hosted numerous successful podcasts.


As president of the Drake Media Network, Donna has provided PR and advertising services for top-tier clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, including The Melting Pot Restaurants, America’s premier chain of fondue restaurants. In 2006, she authored her first inspirational book, “Got Cancer? Just Roll Over and LIVE,” a memoir dedicated to her second husband, Tom LaScala, and she’s currently working on more motivational volumes. A tireless fundraiser, Donna spearheaded the Huntington Arts Council’s Laff-Off Comedy Competition from 2002 to 2006 and the council’s Got Talent? competition in 2009. She also created a Day of Beauty for breast cancer awareness and has helped raise money for countless nonprofit organizations, including the Long Island Cares food bank.


She is an active member of many charity and support organizations, including Kids in Action, Futures of America, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. She is a former executive board member of the Huntington Arts Council and a former board member of the Long Island Film/TV Foundation. Donna was named a Friend of the Foundation of the Long Island Film/TV Foundation in 2002 and one of Long Island’s 100 Most Influential People in 2005.


In addition to receiving a National Silver Telly for the People’s Choice Award, “Live It Up” Director Tony Liuzzi also received a National Bronze Technical Telly earlier this year.



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Instagram: @DonnaDrakeLiveItUp

Twitter: @DonnaDrake


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