Vaeda Black To Perform at National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2019 on Saturday, January 26th

With Her New Single and Video “Suicide Love” Out Now, She’ll Get Ready to Head to the West Coast to Perform at The World’s Largest Event For The Music Products, Pro Audio and Event Tech Industry


Following her latest video release “Suicide Love” being hailed as “…thought-provoking and provocative” (The Daily Listening) and a “captivating vocal performance” (Wonky Sensitive) and much more – Singer/Songwriter Vaeda Black is getting ready to pack her bags and head West for a performance at the 2019 NAMM Show on Saturday, January 26th at 4:00PM on the NAMM Pioneer Pro Audio Arena Plaza Stage!

On her excitement for the show, Black says “I’m looking forward to performing in front of a crowd of complete strangers! I love getting feedback from new listeners”. Along with this being her first trip to California, she’s grateful to her bandmates for pushing her to continually get her music out there. “My music director/pianist James works in the industry and got me to apply for the spot. I’m so grateful for everything he and my band do for me. The guys are all psyched to be at NAMM” she says with a laugh “Everyone should come with an open mind and expect a ton of rhythmic flailing on my part (if you don’t understand what I mean by that, you probably haven’t seen me perform. Let’s just say I can’t dance)”.

The performance will feature Black on vocals along with her band which includes James Sajeva (Music Director/Keys), Eddie Matthews (Bass), and Andrew Harts (Drums) – all seasoned pros straight from the NYC music scene.

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Click HERE to watch Vaeda Black’s “Suicide Love” (Official Music Video)

With the release of her latest single, “Suicide Love,” Vaeda Black takes the juxtaposition of two seemingly opposite topics and weaves them together to create a dark love story that illustrates the idea of being vulnerable and “showing yourself to another person and letting them love you.”

She says, “It actually started with a text message from my ex-boyfriend while we were together probably about a year ago. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but he wrote ‘that’s called suicide, love.’ Something about those two words next to each other really struck me; they’re so different. I kept thinking it would be such an interesting way to express love, passion and deep wanting, so I wrote a song around it.” The combination of those two distinct feelings gives the song a truly unique sound and style. 

Despite the title, and it’s darker atmosphere, Black says “it’s really a love song. Being vulnerable is hard for a lot of people, but I want this song to represent the good things that come from showing yourself to another person and letting them love you.” In an age where many artists stick to upbeat, pop love tunes, Black isn’t afraid to shake up stereotypes and create a sound distinctly her own, something “Suicide Love” showcases perfectly. With her blend of indie, alternative, and a little soul, listening to her songs comes as a refreshing break from some of the more mainstream styles. 

More on Vaeda Black:

Raised in Long Island, NY, Vaeda Black is a 17 year old singer songwriter currently in her senior year of high school. A masterful songwriter, Vaeda is able to tap into a profound and sometimes dark place and it’s certainly reflective in her music both lyrically, sonically and now visually. Live performances with her band display her ability to connect with audiences, a skill she’s developed from many years on the stage, having performed in musical theater productions starting at only 7yrs old. She started putting words to paper not long after, and eventually began turning poetry into songs at the piano in her family home.

With her upcoming performance at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show 2019 on Saturday, January 26th at 4:00PM on the NAMM Pioneer Pro Audio Arena Plaza stage in Anaheim, California, music industry pioneers and fans alike will get a chance to catch the one and only Vaeda Black LIVE!

LISTEN: Vaeda Black’s “Suicide Love” on Spotify


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Vaeda Black YouTube Channel


Ajay Mathur Drops New Video for Bluesy R&B Hit “Time For Deliverance”

Ajay Mathur Drops New Video for Bluesy R&B Hit “Time For Deliverance”

Off His Latest LP “Little Boat”, The Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Who Recently Won “Best Album of the Year” at the 36th Annual German Rock & Pop Awards Has Released Latest Fan Video Collaboration

Following his last release  My Wallet is a House of Cards’ off the 2018 album Little Boat”, Singer/Songwriter Ajay Mathur has debuted his latest collaborative fan video effort of 2019 – “Time For Deliverance”!

WATCH: Ajay Mathur “Time For Deliverance” Official Video

Crafted from the vibrant art and design of director/animator Mertcan Mertbilek from Istanbul (who previously worked on the video for Mathur’s “Little Boat” single), the video is a uniquely visual. Portraying animated paintings from Mathur singing to beautifully enlivened surfers riding waves, palm trees, beach and boardwalk scenes which beautifully counter the bluesy feel of the song and lyrical refrain It’s my time for deliverance no I ain’t giving up on love” with vibrant color.



“Time For Deliverance is a beautifully crafted tune. This time Mathur pulls in some R&B and jazz influences, weaving a soulful sax with backing vocals. Both play off his clear and straightforward vocals. The song fulfills the theme of Little Boat, ‘It’s time for my deliverance, I ain’t giving up on love.’ Very nicely done.” – Kath Galasso, Onstage Magazine

“Time For Deliverance is an epic jam laced with some amazingly sweet brass which puts on full display Ajay’s ability to seamlessly switch genres while staying true to his core sound.” Joshua “J.SMo” Smotherman, Mid Tennessee Music

“Time for Deliverance blends soul and R&B elements into an oozing, sticky tune smoldering with dark sensuality.” Randall Radic, Blogcritics

Little Boat, Ajay Mathur’s newest album, was launched on its maiden voyage in the usual way in spring of this year. Quickly picked up by playlists and fans, the music and the album’s message of resilience has resonated with listeners and critics alike. Unlike previous projects, though, Little Boat has taken on a life of its own, picking up unexpected passengers along the way.

Independent of each other, diverse digital artists from around the globe including from Istanbul and Warsaw as well as an Argentinean in Los Angeles, heard a call and felt compelled to add some valuable cargo to Little Boat’s journey. The result is a colourful, complex and highly-imaginative work of animated accompaniments to Ajay’s songs.

The first of these, released earlier this year, is a quirky psychedelic and vibrant tribute to the title song ‘Little Boat’, composed by the young Turkish artist Mertcan Mertbilek. The next to be released was a provocative animated video to the stomping blues rocker ‘My Wallet is a House of Cards’. The images were inspired by the rebellious spirit of the song and depict a ruthless caricature of consumption and an increasingly indebted society. This stunning video was created by Argentine artist Ciro Ayala, who lives and works in Los Angeles. More videos are in the works and will hit the waves in the coming months.

Video artists are not the only passengers that have hopped on Little Boat’s journey. Besides the digital treasures, an illustrated children’s book by a writer in Delhi, India as well as a full-length novel weaving through the themes in Little Boat by an American living in Switzerland are in the works.

It is plain to see that Little Boat has left ripples in its wake, touching people at every port along the way. Rarely does an album inspire this kind of organic response and like any true adventure on the open seas, it is impossible to tell which way the winds will blow next. This music has opened up a whole new route on unchartered waters. Batten down the hatches because this Little Boat is on course to explore new and uncharted worlds.

Having recently won “Best Album of the Year” at Germany’s 36th Annual Rock & Pop Awards 2018, it’s no wonder fans and critics alike are craving more unique collaborative works from Ajay Mathur. And with his latest video for “Time For Deliverance”, they get just that.

Little Boat, which was given its final touches at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, is available in digital formats for download and streaming, as well as physical vinyl and compact disc album formats.


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More About Ajay Mathur:

Ajay Mathur is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and a citizen of the world. Born and raised in India and residing in Switzerland, Ajay Mathur’s talent as a singer-songwriter and seasoned musician blends both pop and rock genres with Americana and traditional Indian instruments into something radically new and genre-bending. His music has held its own on the U.S. and European charts and has repeatedly received positive accolades from the press and industry professionals.

Ajay Mathur’s album Little Boat (2018) follows on his previously released and highly successful ‘9 to 3’ (2015) that earned him a Grammy nomination in 2017, ‘Come See Conquer’ (2013), and ‘A Matter of Time’ (2011). All of the albums have enjoyed excellent reviews and acknowledgements in the international media. They have maintained top chart rankings on U.S. Top 50 Rock, U.S. Top 80 Independent, U.S. Top 50 AC and Americana (AMA) airplay charts as well as a continuous 128-week ranking on the European Indie Music chart. Ajay’s music continues to attract a large and growing community of listeners worldwide. MacEagon Voyce of AXS Media calls his music “a master class on consummate songwriting”.

Brooklyn’s LUV DOT GOV Get Set for Upcoming NY & PA Dates in 2019 Following U.K. Tour

Following the Release of Their Debut LP “At Least We’ve Got This Madness” Earlier This Year Which Is Being Called A “Uniquely Vibrant Brand of Electrically Sludgy Power Pop” – The Band Gets Ready to Head Into the New Year with More Live Gigs And Another Video In the Works


Following an outstanding year that saw them release their Debut LP, music videos, and rock shows from NYC all the way across the pond to the U.K. – NYC/U.K. based rockers LUV DOT GOV are ready for more in 2019! With upcoming dates in NYC & PA booked from January through March and a new music video set to be released later in the year, fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming winter months!

WATCH THEIR LATEST: Luv Dot Gov  “Exist Anymore” (Official Music Video)

Luv Dot Gov, the brainchild of Matthew Pop (vocals/guitar) and Stevie Seaweeds (drums/vocals), was born on a rooftop in Brooklyn in the summer 2016 as a response to dark, trying times — both personally and politically. The band would quickly become a vehicle for some of the best emotionally honest power pop this side of the 90s. Thankfully, they were armed with the finest collection of tunes penned by Pop over the course of his decades-long career, marrying heartbroken but hopeful lyrics to sticky-sweet melodies — all set to precisely arranged, chunky down-tuned guitars.

By fall 2016, the fledgling Luv Dot Gov had recruited Sean Egan on bass, and had a few local gigs under their belts. However, stressed and depressed in a post-election US, Pop ran away to Scotland for a brief respite in November. It was here he linked up with Graeme Young, a producer and operator of Chamber Studio in Edinburgh. A plan was soon hatched to record Luv Dot Gov‘s debut album abroad, taking advantage of Young’s top notch equipment, expertise and extensive network of first-class musicians. After another smattering of stateside and UK shows, Matt and Steve decamped to Scotland for the spring of 2017 to lay down tracks for the record. Here, isolated from the stressors of the States, the songs blossomed into intricate but accessible pop-rock anthems, equally suited for blasting out a car stereo or headphones-on introspection.

WATCH: Luv Dot Gov “Pretty Enough” (Official Music Video)

WATCH: Luv Dot Gov “What’s Going On?” (Official Music Video)

WATCH: “Luv Me Blue” (Official Music Video)

Upcoming Show Details:

Friday, January 11th, 9:00PM @ Pianos NYC (158 LUDLOW STREET, NYC)

Tuesday, January 29th, 7:00PM @ Arlene’s Grocery (95 STANTON STREET, NYC)

Friday, February 1st, (TIME TBA) @ Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S 9TH ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA)

Friday, February 22nd, 8:00PM @ The Way Station (Acoustic) (683 WASHINGTON AVE, BROOKLYN, NYC)

Thursday, March 7th, (TIME TBA) @ Gold Sounds Bar (44 WILSON AVE, BROOKLYN, NYC)

Upon Matt and Steve’s return to New York that summer, the band rounded out its roster by bringing in Matt Middleton (lead guitar) and Patrick Fischer (keyboard/synth). Now equipped to capture the record’s expansive arrangements live, the new five-piece lineup started honing their skills, sharpening their set into a muscular, airtight slice of indie rock. Soon thereafter, they began booking gigs at venues both trendy and historic (Pine Box Rock Shop, the Bitter End), winning over audiences with their lively stage presence and nostalgic yet forward-thinking sound.

Meanwhile, Young continued refining tracks across the pond, and the resulting album; the hooky and bittersweet “At Least We’ve Got This Madness,” was released in Spring 2018. In honour of its release, the band played nearly a dozen shows during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, along with many UK and US tour dates throughout the Summer. With outlets like ANR Factory touting its “raw emotional honesty” along with “sharp hooks and punchy melodies” there’s surely only more continued praise to come.

Now, following their Debut LP’s release and with tons more on the horizon in regards to live dates, video releases, and new music…..Luv Dot Gov is ready to kick off a great 2019!

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Luv Dot Gov Bandcamp Page

The Chris Ruben Band Get Ready to Rock The Lounge @ The Space at Westbury Along with New Single Release Saturday, November 10th

The Chris Ruben Band  Get Ready to Rock The Lounge @ The Space at Westbury Along with  New Single Release Saturday, November 10th

Following Their Debut EP “Fortune Favors the Bold” Out Earlier This Year – CRB Get Ready to Drop Latest Single “Stomach Coil” and Perform LIVE in Westbury

With a sound that combines everything from psychedelic rock to funk streamlined into a raucous yet melodically appealing full package, the Farmingville NY based Chris Ruben Band is ready to deliver more music to the masses. With their debut EP “Fortune Favors the Bold” having come out in March, the band has been hard at work on their follow up, and released  “Stomach Coil” earlier this week before they rock The Lounge @ The Space at Westbury on Saturday, November 10th!

LISTEN: “Stomach Coil” via Spotify

After 5 plus years of working solo, songwriter and musician Chris Ruben founded the first of many groups in late 2014. With many twists and turns befalling him, the band has seen many faces come and go. Now they are family. Recently re-charged with Chris Ruben (Vocals/Guitar), Brendan Allan (Bass/Vocals), Russ Benjamin (Drums/Percussion), Eugene Iovine (Keyboards/Synth), and Frank Iovine (Saxophone/Keyboards) – they’ve rocked shows from Narrowsburg NY’s Froggy Daze Music Festival to SXSW in Austin Texas, Alive After Five in Patchogue NY, NYC’s Bitter End and Bowery Electric just to name a few.

With this unity, love for music and friendship with one another, they are unbreakable and ready to rock the world.

The gritty new tune is a true testament to the band’s funky yet hard-hitting mix which Ruben has coined as “a multi-instrumental psychedelic vision of the future of sound and light”. Reminiscent of artists/groups like The Vines, Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and more- it combines earth shattering guitar licks, prominent walking bass lines, pounding drums and Ruben’s own melody-driven and often belting vocals for what fans will surely call one of their new favorites.

With their latest single “Stomach Coil” OUT NOW along with a live performance at The Lounge @ The Space at Westbury on Saturday, November 10th, fans have plenty of reasons to check out The Chris Ruben Band!

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Raised Fist Propaganda Presents: LAW Live at Junction, Long Beach NY Friday, November 30th

Fronted by Late Sublime Frontman’s Son Jakob Nowell, The Band Bring’s Their “So Damn Cold” Tour to NY with Special Guests The Zebulonites, Edjacted Phools, and Rick Eberle


image1 (25)

For Long Island ska/reggae/rock fans who grew up blasting the music of Sublime as they drove along the coastal shores chasing the sunshine, it’s of no surprise the recent announcement that cinematic/music/skate collective Raised Fist Propaganda will present LAW live in Long Beach for the first time ever is stirring up excitement. Fronted by the son of late Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell, Jakob Nowell will bring his recently transformed ska-punk turned “no nonsense rock” band to Junction (20 W Park Ave Ste A, Long Beach, NY 11561) on Friday, November 30th at 9:00PM with support by The Zebulonites, Edjacted Phools, and Rick Eberle!

LAW – the newly focused rock band based out of Los Angeles County, CA was founded in 2013 in Long Beach, CA. The band consists of Jakob Nowell (Vocalist), Nick Aguilar (Drummer), Aidan Palacios (Guitarist), and Logun Spellacy (Bassist). The band is currently based out of LA County and has been playing regular shows since 2013. While currently writing new music and seeking to spread their message through straightforward, to-the-point, no-nonsense rock music – their style consists of a heavy emphasis on loud, live sound with thunderous basslines, sonorous solos, furious drums and wailing vocals.

Having begun with drummer Nicholas Aguilar and bassist Dakota Ethridge in Long Beach in 2013 when Nowell was still a teen, the band first performed ska-punk in the tradition of Nowell’s father. Palacios joined on lead guitar in early 2015, followed the next year by Spellacy after Ethridge’s exit. Having recorded their debut release “Mild Lawtism” via Skunk Records, the 8 song EP was then followed by “Toxic” in 2016 – both focused on the ska/reggae/punk sound the band had been so deeply influenced by, noteably drawing “Sublime” comparisons. The ladder would be a “final goodbye to the stylistic choices of their past” as they sought to “bury the hatchet so to speak with that style”.

Currently in the process of recording their new and unheard songs to debut their true style in a full length release, “There and Back Again” is said to be making its debut later this year. Their sound now is an experimental mix of Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band is playing many shows every weekend and is seeking to expand. The band has a heavy emphasis on live sound and would ask the listener to come out to a show near them to judge for themselves.

And now those NY listeners can judge for themselves as LAW comes to Junction in Long Beach with The Zebulonites, Edjacted Phools, and Rick Eberle on Friday, November 30th at 9:00PM!



For More on LAW, VISIT:

Instagram: @LAWLBC

Twitter: @LAWLBC

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Instagram: @TheZebulonites

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Instagram: @RickEberle

For More on Raised Fist Propaganda, Visit:

Instagram: @RaisedFistPropaganda

Twitter: @RaisedFistPropa


More About Raised Fist Propaganda:

In 2006, Jeff Pliskin started Raised Fist Propaganda. The premise of the company was to promote a lifestyle that intertwined Punk Rock, Reggae, and Skateboarding – 3 things that played a crucial role in his life growing up in New York. In 2008, he began to expand the business, shooting photos and music videos for his favorite hip-hop & reggae artists in the scene. In 2009, Pliskin was fortunate enough to link up with one of his favorite reggae rock groups, Slightly Stoopid. The California vibe added to the overall flavor of RFP. At the same time, he joined with some of NYC’s OG Skate legends (Zoo York, Supreme, Shut) to produce limited edition Legend Skate Decks at the Etnies Showroom in SOHO. The party was called “Respect,” and brought together the skaters with reggae, hip-hop and punk bands. This created the essential “lifestyle” of Raised Fist Propaganda – Music and Culture – promoting nothing but positive vibes. Pliskin owes a great deal of that type of thinking to the New York Punk rock and Hardcore scene as well – which can be seen in the very makeup of RFP.

Latest Single from Alt/Indie-Pop Recording Artist Vaeda Black “Suicide Love” Out October 10th

After 2017’s Debut “Face Down”, The Young Star Continues to Tap Into Deep and Dark Perspective Way Beyond Her Years and Sets Upcoming NY Show Dates Next Month


Following the successful release of 2017’s “Face Down” which Substream Magazine described as holding “Very heavy indie vibes!” and had The Daily ListeningMesmerized for life” –Vaeda Black is BACK with her latest single “Suicide Love” out Wednesday, October 10th! With a music video to follow Directed by James Morano with choreography by the Tony Nominated and Emmy Winning AC Ciulla, it will be a passionate visualization of being consumed by love and lost in emotion. As she gets ready to release it, she’ll also be performing live Headlining the Long Island Fall Festival October 7th and at NYC’s Arlene’s Grocery October 9th. (Details Below)

Raised in Centerport, NY, Vaeda Black is the pseudonym of 16 year old singer songwriter Celia Spero, a senior at both Harborfields HS and Long Island High School for the Arts. The most prominent thing you notice about Vaeda Black is her powerful stirring voice reminiscent of early soul, which is most unexpected. A masterful songwriter, Vaeda is able to tap into a profound and sometimes dark place and it’s certainly reflective in her music both lyrically and sonically. Live performances with her band display her ability to connect with audiences, a skill she’s developed from many years on the stage, having performed in musical theater productions starting at only 7yrs old. Currently training in Classical Voice in NYC, Black has participated in both the NYSSMA and SCMEA festivals annually and was selected as an Alto-1 and member of the All-State Treble Choir in both 2017 and 2018.

One of 5 Female Powerhouse Artists to Watch in 2018


WATCH: Vaeda Black “Face Down” Official Video

Upcoming Shows:

Sunday, October 7th, 8:00PM @ Long Island Fall Festival (Headliner), Huntington, NY

Tuesday, October 9th, 7:45PM @ Arlene’s Grocery, New York, NY

Black is quite tenacious in her focus to remain artistically genuine, with lyrics that are both thought provoking and at times provocative. In a world that tends to speak about art in terms of genre, this can be somewhat problematic for artists that don’t exist in a box.

When I write, I like to just start singing and writing down whatever the music makes me feel. When I wrote ‘Face Down’, I was singing along to the track and the words and melody flowed perfectly with the vibes the music was giving me. The song is about accepting your deep dark desires and that they’re not something to be ashamed of, because everyone has them. I wanted this song to be directed at the listener like I’m speaking to them. A quiet reassurance that whatever thoughts you’re having or whatever you’re going through mentally isn’t something to hide, but is something to embrace. When I listen to this song it makes me feel at ease. I think it was subconsciously inspired by the things that I’m afraid of and what I need to accept about myself. Writing this song brought me to a place that I’m afraid to go to sometimes, but being able to put out a record that is so real to me set me free. It’s amazing how one song can change a person.”

Now, with “Suicide Love” on the way and TWO chances to see her LIVE in NY this October, fans can catch more of the rising star that is Vaeda Black.

Check out “Face Down” via Spotify HERE:

Purchase “Face Down” via iTunes HERE:


For More Information on Vaeda Black, VISIT:

Vaeda Black YouTube Channel

Woodstock Revival Concert to Rock Old Bethpage Restoration Sunday, June 10th

Woodstock Revival Concert to Rock Old Bethpage Restoration Sunday, June 10th

The classic rock scene on Long Island is surging, and this phenomenon has fueled a growing popularity among the many tribute bands who breathe new life into this music at venues across Nassau and Suffolk. The 6th Annual Woodstock Revival is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th and will feature live music by Wonderous Stories, Half Step, Milagro, Jellyband and Dave Diamond Band, who will be recreating the music of The Who, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Sly & The Family Stone, Janis Joplin, The Band, Hendrix, CSNY, Creedence, and more!


Along with all the tie-dyed regalia and familial hugs, the event will showcase live painting and exhibiting by dozens of artists, plus vending, kids’ activities, food & beverage, yoga, massage, and hula hooping.

Says festival producer, Rich Rivkin, “Woodstock Revival is one of my all time favorite days. It’s where I get to dance and hang out at the park with a thousand of my closest friends, and you can see from the expressions on everyone’s face that happiness abounds. There’s clearly a peace & love kind of vibe that is unique to this event, and the music is just amazing.”

woodstock 2.png

Communities of devoted fans have coalesced around these bands during recent years, sparking new friendships and a tangible sense of camaraderie among folks who share a common passion for the music that they grew up with.

When these fans converge to see their favorite bands perform, the energy of the event seems to exceed the sum of its parts. It often becomes more than just a music experience. At its peak, there is a sensation of shared knowingness – something that’s conveyed by a simple glance or smile, among those who find themselves dancing, high fiving, and singing in unison.

This joyous brand of social harmony plays out in spectacular form each summer when Long Island’s annual Woodstock-themed music festival takes the stage at Old Bethpage Village Restoration (1303 Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage) June 10th from Noon until 7:30 pm!

 For More Information, VISIT: