Ali B Releases Latest Single & Video “Fear To Be Loved” Ahead of 2018 Makin’ Music & Makin’ Friends Anti-Bullying Tour

Ali B Releases Latest Single & Video “Fear To Be Loved” Ahead of  2018 Makin’ Music & Makin’ Friends Anti-Bullying Tour

With her latest single and video “Fear to Be Loved” having been released this week, Singer/Songwriter Ali B is kicking her talents further into gear as she gets ready for an exciting month ahead!

The single, which highlights Ali’s incredible vocal talents on top of her passionate songwriting and feelings on love–uniquely profound for such a young talent–was produced by Duane “DaRock” Ramos. DaRock began his career working with with Big Daddy Kane as one of his earliest clients, and over the last 20 years his clientele has included dozens of music legends and hip-hop royalty ranging from LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Common and Jay-Z to Tatiyana Ali, The Pussycat Dolls, Faith Evans, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, and Shaquille O’Neal among many others.

ali b 2 (fear to be loved)

WATCH: Ali B “Fear To Be Loved: Official Video

 Ali B grew up in the bustling concrete jungle of New York City, known for its thriving music community and inspiring so many young talents of today. Later moving to Long Island, she used that inspiration – turning it towards her love for music and already thriving vocal ability. Inspired by some of today’s biggest pop music sensations from Selena Gomez to Ariana Grande, she began performing cover songs and later writing her own original music with the help of Klang from MTV’s “Making The Band 4” and Artist / Engineer LaPorte. Noting some of her favorite experiences on her musical journey thus far, Ali says “Every new experience is my favorite, and all of the steps in this journey mean I’m one step closer to reaching my goals”.

Having already gained so much success on her road to continued music development as an artist, songwriter, and performer – she advises other young talents like herself to strive for greatness, saying they should never give up, and adding “nothing is impossible, if you find something you love go out there and give it all you got!”.

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Foremost Records and Makin Music LLC, Nashville, is bringing an Anti-Bully Tour from the South to the North with the goal of raising awareness about the bullying epidemic in our schooling system. Roughly 1 in 5 students are bullied at least once a month from 4th through 12th grade (National Center for Educational Statistics). Their goal is to come together with musicians, in an effort to reach into schools and influence students directly, connecting with them to create an open environment through music. Ali B will be joined by NBC’s The Voice contestant Paul Pfau along with the River Ratz Music, Olivia Jade Frizzell, 80 Degreez band, Anna Zaccaria, Samantha Star Howell, Eric Husick, Dylan Miller and more where they’ll visit schools to discuss the effects of bullying, share personal stories, and then perform to display how similar students have been empowered and overcome insecurities.

Ali B – Makin’ Music & Makin’ Friends Anti-Bullying Tour Dates:

Date Time Location
Monday, March 12th 7:15 AM Spring Ridge School – Lexington Park, MD
10:00 AM Park Hall School –

Lexington Park, MD

5:00 PM Cheeseburger In Paradise – California, MD
Friday, March 16th 6:00 PM Tamarack Theatre – Beckley, WV
Sunday, March 18th 3:30 PM Bobbi’s Idle Hour Finale – Music Row, Nashville, TN

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Motivational Rapper, Speaker, Role Model, and Counter-Bully Unkle Adams Debuts New Single “Original” with Accompanying Music Video

The Song Features a Powerful Uplifting Message with a Sense of Humor


April, 2016 (New York, NY) — Having recently toured NYC and Long Island with stops at various schools and media outlets including FOX News Radio and the World Journalism Preparatory School in early March, Canada-born MC Curtis Adams AKA Unkle Adams followed his in-person New York debut by releasing a brand new single titled “Original” with an accompanying video! Adams not only performs uplifting and inspirational music, but travels to schools worldwide to speak with students and give them hope on a range of topics from bullying to health, through his music and presentations he is giving “hope to the hopeless” and a “voice to the voiceless”. Much like previous singles such as “Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger”- which has amassed more than 10,000,000 views between Facebook and YouTube, Original (released on March 19th) is a song that is both uplifting and educational with a video that has a sense of humor while also carrying a message.

Clad in top-hat and tails as his record player begins to spin his single, one of the first lines Adams sings in the new video for Original is simple yet compelling: “I don’t want to be how everybody else is….I’d much rather be original”. Having tackled subjects such as Bullying, Climate Change, Impaired Driving, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Self-Harm and Domestic Abuse in his music before, the MC’s call-to-action in the new song is an impactful one for many adolescents who are constantly influenced by Peer Pressure. For young children and teens still coming into their own and struggling to find their individuality, the song’s message carries a reminder that many fail to realize on a consistent basis- that it is ok to be different!

Unkle Adams’ inspiration for the song came from what he sees in the world. After all of his frequent travels to schools all over the world, what he’s seen is that people are often ridiculed and made fun of for being different, and he believes that “being unique should be encouraged and embraced!”. He believes that being different is something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of. The message in this song is simple – be yourself and do your own thing and if other people don’t like it, they can kick rocks. It’s catchy and fun, with a little bit of attitude.

“Look at you doing that just because your friend did. Be yourself and make your decisions independent”

WATCH: Unkle Adams – Original (Official Music Video)

At the New York schools where he gave his powerful presentations recently, Unkle Adams was able to effectively engage the student body by coming at them as a peer and letting them know various ways in which they could become “Anti-bullies”. While asking questions about some of the best ways to get help for students experiencing bullying or how a fellow-student could go about assisting them, many of the students volunteered enthusiastically with answers like “tell your teachers or parents” or “the nearest authority figure”. Adams also touched on the various types of bullying from physical harm to a form that a great deal of today’s youth now more commonly experience: cyber-bullying. Using examples from his own community, he even told the stories of several bullied students who had committed suicide.

Unkle Adams has received hundreds if not thousands of tweets, Facebook messages, and emails from youth and adults alike telling him how his music has impacted their lives. Many of these messages are from people thanking Unkle Adams for saving their lives with his music (as shown below). His music and music videos act as a form of medicine for thousands by helping them to cope with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. Here are just a few of those messages;

WATCH: Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger (Official Anti-Bullying Music Video)

Curtis Adams AKA “Unkle Adams” was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. At the age of 13 he fell in love with Hip Hop music and soon discovered his natural knack for rhyming syllables. Starting out as a freestyle emcee, he quickly progressed from performing at parties, to performing in front of large audiences at local clubs and bars. Today, with 14+ years of experience under his belt, Unkle Adams has established himself as a powerhouse emcee on an international level. Listen to just one of his songs and you will soon understand why. Choosing to write songs containing material that is inspirational, motivational and educational rather than some rappers who are negative, stereotypical and materialistic- the former heavy equipment operator by trade has funded all of his music, recording, advertising, merchandise, equipment and video production independently.

Curtis has been an Uncle since the very second he was born. In fact, he has a nephew who is only ten days older that doubles as his best friend, so naturally, growing up all of his friends called him “Uncle”. Trying to change and evolve hip hop music into its next chapter, Unkle Adams elicits his fans support in this process so that they may have a hand in changing the negative stereotyping that is often associated with hip hop music.

From Media Outlets to Students, Parents, and Law Enforcement Officials; Adams has received tons of positive feedback on both his music and presentations:

“It is one of the best anti-bullying resources I have ever used and I am very picky” – Susan McLean (27 year police officer and Australia’s leading Cyber Safety Expert)

“Empowering kids to handle bullies is a mission for Unkle Adams” – QC Magazine

“He saved my daughter’s life” – Thankful Parent

Unkle Adams is changing the game in regards to not only hip-hop and music in general, but how his lyrical content and persona can help those in need of guidance. With his latest single and video Original, he’s been able to reach his audience through an effective use of fun, attitude, style, and most importantly a message that reverberates through countless young people’s lives- be proud to be yourself!

Unkle Adams has released two albums “Humble Beginnings” and “Pulse” as well as six singles. His current music catalog consists of twenty-nine songs and every one of them delivers a message. He is currently managed by Musik and Film Records.


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