A Psychic Helps the Police Track Down a Serial Killer and Falls in Love with a Young Woman They’re Trying to Protect

(New York, NY) – Fans with a passion for psychological thrillers will thoroughly enjoy writer/director Anthony de Lioncourt’s “Thorns for Flowers”. Set in the 1970’s, a psychic, Leo (brilliantly played by Vance Clemente) helps the Police track down a serial killer, and falls in love with a young woman, Catherine, (expertly acted by the effervescent Samantha Strelitz) they’re trying to protect. This gripping feature film offers intense scenes throughout; including strange happenings with a mystical force of nature located in a hole in the ground, flashbacks to Leo’s painful childhood and a plot twist ending that you won’t see coming. Previous films by De Lioncourt include “The Protokon” and “When We Dance the Music Dies” (starring William Ragsdale, Eric Roberts and Catherine Mary Stewart).


Watch the trailer on Vimeo here: 



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Check out photos and more at https://www.facebook.com/thornsforflowers/ or visit https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4875536/ 



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