Uncle Frank Drops Latest Single “Looking For A Home”

With Forthcoming Album On Its Way, Long Time Collaborator and Grammy Award Winning Producer Tim Latham Helped Helm The Latest Pop/Rock/Electro/Soul/Alternative Release


‘Looking For a Home’ is a perfect bridge single leading from the band’s last album ‘Love Lion’ (2017).

The prolific writing force of Frank Benbini and Naim Cortazzi have captured their classy Uncle Frank sound with dark electro pop and hints of Blade Runner like atmosphere.

LISTEN: “Looking For A Home” via Make It Nice Records

Uncle Frank never fail to deliver a sweet and infectious melody, and with ‘Looking’, Frank’s soulful and yearning voice steers the ship through a world full of Post Brexit Blues.


This track perfectly heralds the sound of their forthcoming album “Soul On the BattleGround” to be released in March, 2019.

For More on Uncle Frank, VISIT: www.UncleFrankBand.com



Twitter: @UncleFrankBand


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