“WINology” – Innovative Program to Achieve Success From World Champion Athlete and International Speaker

Joel Scrivner’s 9-Step Program and Book Provide Fresh Perspective to Help Individuals and Leadership Teams Achieve Greatness in Business and Life

February, 2016 (Dallas, TX) — What does a former World Champion martial artist turned corporate performance coach, author, pastor and international speaker know about winning in life? A lot. Joel Scrivner learned early on as a teen that he could apply the discipline and desire to win that he’d acquired through his martial arts training towards other aspects of his life – at that time it was achieving a passing grade in a Spanish class. Scrivner got the passing grade, but more than that, this experience became the foundation for what would later develop into a game-changing way to approach winning in all aspects of life. A survivor of the loss of his 18-month-old daughter O’Neal to brain cancer, he used this approach to help overcome one of his biggest life struggles and knew it could help in leading others on a path towards personal betterment as well.

Scrivner’s book, “WINology – World Class Performance“, examines how and why some people achieve great success in their lives, and why some don’t. Using numerous examples from his personal and professional journey to success – and from world-class athletes, politicians, motivational speakers, and other well-renowned successful individuals, WINology is a systematic study of the art and science of winning.

WINology introduces a step-by-step program that teaches how to break down the science behind winning and learn how to think and act like winners. Scrivner’s strategies can be tailored to fit any individual – from stay-at-home parents, coaches, entrepreneurs to leadership teams and sales departments wanting to reach their greatest potential. While helping to improve personal performance, the book’s dual-purpose is to also help improve personnel performance. Readers will learn how to identify their passions and skills, unlock hidden abilities and embark on a journey to achieve their personal, professional, and relationship goals.

“When winning becomes your life’s identity, everything changes.”

Scrivner has spent his life coaching students, individuals, and organizational leaders how to unlock their hidden potential and implement permanent, life-changing strategies. As a 6th degree black belt, former six-time national and four-time world champion martial artist (As well as a member of Team USA representing the Global TaeKwonDo Federation for 5 years), he’s been able to harness his knowledge and discipline along with his faith, and use them to help others elevate their true potential.

Upcoming WINology Speaking Engagements:

Monday, February 15th, 1:00PM at Collin County Juvenile Correctional Facility

Wednesday, February 17th, 9:00AM at Keane Landscaping (Sales Team Training)

Friday, February 19th, 3:00PM at Texas Job Corps Graduation

Monday, March 21st, 9:30AM at Drees Homes (Sales Team Training)

Thursday, March 24th, 10:00AM at  McKinney Christian Academy Leadership Summit

With WINology, Joel Scrivner’s system to help others become the elite “world-class” leaders in their respective fields has benefited thousands through his expertise in teaching others to discover and maximize their hidden potential, while developing their competitive edge. As corporate trainer and cultural architect that enhances the winning culture of any organization in a world where having a leg up on the competition is key, Scrivner’s WINology builds “world class” people, families, teams and businesses!

For More Information About WINology, or to Purchase A Copy, Visit: http://winology.com/

For More About Joel Scrivner, Visit: http://joelscrivner.com/about-joel/

To Book Joel Scrivner as a Speaker at Your Next Event, Visit: http://joelscrivner.com/speaking/







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